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Know Your League

Our local League is privileged to take a bold new step forward in both growth and scope with the "Know Your State" study. A completed "Know Your State" study is a requirement before a local League may become a state League to select, study, and take action on state government issues.

Alaska, the 49th State, is well into their state study and we, the 50th State, are off to an exhilarating start.

The board and the state study committee feel the study is of such importance that a special "League Day" has been arranged for the initial reports. It will be held on Saturday, March 2nd, and all details can be found on the front page. The day and timing was selected with the utmost care so as to enable most of the busy homemakers and working women to participate.

Background information will be given on the geography, population, and resources as well as on Hawaii's State Constitution and Legislature. The study groups have been hard at work for many months assembling the material and reports under the direction of committee chairmen, Miss Laura Draper and Mrs. Robert Timmerman.

Suggested reading before the meeting:

The State Constitution -- may be obtained at Roberto's Book Exchange 160 N. Beretania (35¢)

"Hawaii, the 50th State" -- Dept. of Education, 1124 Miller St., R.407 $1.50

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