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National C.R.'s

On League Day plan to attend the review and discussion of the two National Continuing Responsibilities:

  1. "Opposition to constitutional limitation on tax rates."

  2. "Opposition to constitutional changes that would limit the existing powers of the Executive and the Congress over foreign relations"

As state legislatures convene, pressure groups will be striving to convince state legislators to vote for a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to repeal the federal income tax and limit the treaty-making power of the President. The League of Women Voters of the U.S. opposed this package resolution. In brief, while the CR neither supports nor opposes any specific federal income tax rate, the CR does oppose the rigidity of tax rates limitation set by constitutional amendment. The LWV thinks that changes in taxation should be made by congressional decision in relation to current fiscal requirements and current economic conditions. The LWV opposes placing the sug1 Bested additional limitation on the treaty-making powers of the President. This change would alter the balance of power between the Executive and Congress and, the League concluded, would be unworkable and unsafe.

It will be unfortunate if the package-proposal for constitutional amendment diverts people from thoughtful consideration of tax problems and of less extreme proposals for tax reform.

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