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Small Change Dept.

Small Change Dept.

"The Role of Political Parties, U.S.A."

A revised up-to-date publication by the LW Education Fund. Invaluable to all new members and excellent review for all the pros. 35¢

"National Continuing Responsibilities" NCR - 1962-64

The new pamphlet relates the five CRs to the total League Program and to each other, evokes the climate of opinion that led to adoption of each topic as a study, refills the questions studied, gives League position, and reviews action taken. 35¢

League publications make ideal gifts to send to "special people" - a compliment to anyone's intellect.

Publications old and new will be on sale during League Day. See Alison MacBride, Publications Chairman.

READ.... Articles on the Common Market in THE NEW YORKER, Sept. 22 & 29, 1962

Business in '62 - Time - 12/28/62, p.50

THE ALOHA VOTER published by

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu

P. O. Box 1411, Honolulu 6, Hawaii

Dr. Teru Togasaki, President

Mrs. Dorothy Randall, Editor

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