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Local Agenda Item 1963-64

Local Agenda Item 1963-1964... will be discussed at the coming units.

Have you any proposals? On League day two items were proposed:

  1. Fireworks -- legislation limiting fireworks.

  2. City and County Planning

Interest in the second item appeared stronger.

Our present local agenda item on planning reads as follows:

"Study of planning with emphasis on zoning and support of measures promoting the orderly development of the City and County of Honolulu".

The local agenda committee proposes the following changes from the above wording:

"Study and support of a well integrated and comprehensive plan for the City and County of Honolulu, including good transportation. Such a plan shall meet present and future needs while retaining the unique aesthetic qualities of Oahu."

The chief goal will be to achieve a well integrated comprehensive plan. In such a plan highways are an important part. We therefore include "transportation". We realize that the city of Honolulu proper is the part of Oahu which is in greatest need of comprehensive planning.

Other aspects of comprehensive planning include consideration of support of Act 187 of the 1961 Legislature (the Greenbelt Act). Under this act the State is to zone all lands within it into three types of districts (or zones): Conservation, Agriculture, and Urban.

The purpose of the act is to protect such natural resources as for example: prime agricultural lands, water sheds, scenic beauty spots, etc. Urban development would be encouraged in areas which preferably would not fall into the above categories. Taxation would be according to the type of district. This would discourage land speculation, (e.g. districts are not like to be changed easily, and it would not pay to purchase agricultural land for urban prices.) By establishing definite districts the economy of the island could be encouraged because everyone would then know where development could take place.

Act 187 would utilize basic conservation principles to which the National League subscribes. Tthe Local League Board has asked permission from National to support Act 187. The Act is very much under fire, chiefly because the present legislature is so concerned with home rule for the counties and this act limits home rule. Under Act 187 the State establishes the basic districts (or zones), while the counties do the planning within these districts. However, the counties have the right to speak up before the original establishment of the district boundaries. Periodic revision of the boundaries is also provided for.

Other projects which the committee anticipates under the new planning item are:

  1. Coordination of the comprehensive plan of Oahu with the highway system.

  2. Clarification of the role of the Zoning Board of Appeals and that of the City Council in respect to "zoning changes" (or variances).

  3. Continued support of the General Plan for Kailua and Kaneohe for a public park in Kawainui Swamp.

  4. Study of the new proposed zoning ordinance of the City and County of Honolulu.


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