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Annual Dinner Meeting
Seminar on City Planning
Local Agenda Committee Reports on "Green Belt" Act
President's Annual Report (Teru Togasaki)
Membership Chairman's Annual Report (Geraldine Martin)
Finance Chairman's Annual Report (Gracia Bell)
National Study Item Committee - Annual Report (Idell Brownlie & Nan Lowers)
Public Relations & Voters Service - Annual Report (Jane Fellmeth & Lila Grossman)
State Study Group - Anual Report (Mrs. Robert Timmerman)
Committee on Legislature - Annual Report (Laura A. Draper)
Local Agenda Committee - Annual Report (Liesel Phillip)
Continuing Responsibilities - City & County Jail of Honolulu
LWV of Honolulu - Budget Report - March 31, 1963

Committee on Legislature - Annual Report

The committee started work in September and has had five meetings, reviewing the structure and function of the Hawaii State Legislature. Our study has been based largely on the State Constitution and on the Legislative Manual, Legislative Reference Bureau 1962. Some reference has been made, also, to legislatures in other states.

Each of the nine members of the committee has reported on one or more aspects of the Legislature, and five participated in presentation of material on League Day, March 2, 1963. Committee members are Mrs. Lela Brewer, Miss Helen Frederick, Mrs. Jewel Inscho, Miss Virginia Jones, Mrs. Diana Kaapu, Mrs. Evelyn Oishi, Mrs. Lorna Paapanen, Mrs. Betty Watanabe. The Legislative committee is holding evening meetings at 1926 Awapuhi Street, Honolulu.

Laura A. Draper

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