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Local Agenda Committee Reports on "Green Belt" Act
President's Annual Report (Teru Togasaki)
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Finance Chairman's Annual Report (Gracia Bell)
National Study Item Committee - Annual Report (Idell Brownlie & Nan Lowers)
Public Relations & Voters Service - Annual Report (Jane Fellmeth & Lila Grossman)
State Study Group - Anual Report (Mrs. Robert Timmerman)
Committee on Legislature - Annual Report (Laura A. Draper)
Local Agenda Committee - Annual Report (Liesel Phillip)
Continuing Responsibilities - City & County Jail of Honolulu
LWV of Honolulu - Budget Report - March 31, 1963

Finance Chairman's Annual Report

The Honolulu LWV is definitely in a rut in finance! The 1962-63 year brought in $441.50 in contribution from members and friends -which is exactly a 50¢ increase over the last drive three years ago!

In one other respect, the two years had identical results -- 28 members contributions each year. More non-member contributions were made three years ago, but the average amount was almost twice as much this year. Working on finance preliminaries were Alison McBride and Miki Ichiyasu. Those who pounded the pavements for the League were Grace Yokoi , Betty Altum, Lila Grossman, Jean Clyde, Teru Togasaki, Jan Marder and Opal Sloane.

Gracia Bell
Finance Chairman

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