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The Local Agenda Committee (City and County Planning) Reports on the "Green Belt" Act

League members discussed next year's local program at the March units and proposed the following item: "Study and support of a well integrated comprehensive plan for the City and County of Honolulu including good transportation and zoning".

In the March Aloha Voter we reported on the importance of Act 187 (the Green Belt Act) to good planning.* We asked the National League for permission to support this act in the State Legislature. We feel that this act is not only important to Hawaii, but that it could become model legislation for the U.S. wherever urban sprawl and conservation of natural resources present a problem.

Mrs. Zurbach answered us, that since Act 187 is a state legislation which pertains to the entire state of Hawaii and not just to Oahu, she feels we have no authority for League action. She recommended that we prepare a fact sheet for our members with information on the act and encourage you to write to our legislators individually in support of Act 187. So here are some pertinent facts about Act 187:

  1. Hawaii is one state. The well being of each of the counties depends on the well being of the whole state. (Our comprehensive state plan exists, and, Act 187 presents the zoning tool to implement this plan.)

  2. Opposition to Act 187 in the Senate stems from a desire by the counties for home rule, a desire to manage their own planning without guidelines from the state and without the state's right to set standards for plot sized within agricultural districts.

  3. Some counties have neither adequate comprehensive zoning ordinances nor adequate planning staff to do good basic planning.

  4. Agricultural exports from Hawaii contribute 25% to the state's income and present the most stable factor in the economy. Oahu has 55% of all prime agricultural lands in the state. However, with the rapid increase of population on Oahu the pressure for urban expansion into good agricultural lands is increasing tremendously.

    Existing agricultural zoning on Oahu is largely "rural protective" which permits subdivision into 5000 square foot lots!

  5. We question that it will be possible under present conditions for the counties to do an adequate job of protecting our best agricultural lands from urban encroachment without Act l87.

You can easily contribute toward farsighted planning of our state and our island by writing a short note in support of Act 187 to the following legislators:

I. Senator Kazuhisa Abe, Chairman, Committee of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaii State Senate

II. Representative Donald Ching, Chairman, Land Committee, House of Representatives, Hawaii State

For further information call Liese1 Philipp (774-402) or Anne Miller (255-435)

*-The March bulletin should have stated that under Act 187 the state will set up the three major districts: urban, agricultural, and conservation. Lands will be zoned and taxed according to their best use. Councils will zone within urban areas, while the state will zone within the other two districts.

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