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Continuing Responsibilities - City & County Jail of Honolulu
LWV of Honolulu - Budget Report - March 31, 1963

President's Annual Report

After the last annual meeting your president was a delegate to the National Convention. It was a privilege to represent Hawaii. There it was demonstrated how truly democratic the League of Women Voters is. We saw how everything starts with the members at the local level in the Units and is brought to a fore at the biennial National Conventions. A full and heated discussion is held on recommended and non recommended national study programs. It was interesting to talk to a Midwestern delegate who has been attending the conventions since the first one in 1924. She spoke of the early rebellion of members who grew tired of just studying governmental issues and how the session adopted an action program.

The Honolulu League has participated with other groups on the local study program. We were invited to a Downtown Improvement Association's luncheon meeting where plans for revitalizing the downtown area were unveiled. The Oahu Development Conference has invited the League to send an observer to their meetings.

When asked by the University of Hawaii Library to fill a showcase with its program and accomplishments the League complied with pamphlets on civil liberties, water resources, foreign economic policy, the United Nations and with reports on our local work on the city charter and the city jail. The library wished to create interest in the participation of citizens in elections and government.

October and November was a dizzy time for membership, public relations, local agenda, and voter's service committees. The questionnaires for the school advisory council as well as for our Congressmen, television and radio appearances, and newspaper articles kept everyone busy. Just when things got hot, the local agenda committee sent us scrambling. The City Council, as per request of the League, put the charter amendment on the ballot. The terrific yes vote of 100,008 to a no vote of 10,088 showed that our voter education program was a success. The naturalized citizens from the Philippines and Japan were appealed to through the foreign language newspapers and radio programs in our efforts to get out the vote. The intense interest in the U S Senate race, plus the addition of a new representative to congress really had everyone going. The wonder is, everyone survived in one full piece.

The League was invited to the Governor's inaugural and reception. Punch and sandwiches were served on the Palace grounds. At the pre legislative session for 200, including legislators, the League was privileged to send two delegates from the State Study Committee. Martha Black has ably assisted the provisional League in Hilo as the National representative for the past two years. Upon her resignation Marion Saunders took over and since March '63 has been going to the Hilo board meetings. Among the invitations to meet with foreign visitors was one to meet with Mr. Koichi Sasaki, director of planning and beautification for Yokohama City and Kanazawa Prefecture. He met with volunteer organizations involved in city planning. Among others were the Outdoor Circle, Oahu Development Conference, Urban Renewal, and the LWV. He came under the People to People - Brotherhood program sponsored by the United States Army under the direction of General Collins.

For the first time the Honolulu League is sending a delegate to the National Council. The council will assemble May 5 in New York, where there will be a briefing day at the UN by Ambassador Stevens (we hope) and other top UN personnel. Then we go by train to Washington, D C for sessions from May 7 to May 10. The sessions will concentrate on breaking the barriers on finance and plans for a breakthrough on membership.

Teru Togasaki

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