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LWV of Honolulu - Budget Report - March 31, 1963

Public Relations & Voters Service - Annual Report

The two portfolios are being reviewed jointly this year due to their intricate relationship over the past twelve months. In addition to the publication of the new "League Handbook" (its free, do you have yours?) and the monthly notices to the newspapers of League meetings with an attempt at getting League program and purpose across Public Relations worked hand in hand with Voters Service during the past election in voter education in such areas as, voter registration and qualifications, the charter amendment and the elected school advisory council.

The "Can You Vote" folder was brought up-to-date for the 1962 elections, reprinted and 10,000 copies distributed through libraries, super markets, general stores, banks, and civic and community organizations. In the elected school advisory council we saw a need for voter education and joined forces with the P.T.A. in informing the voters of the candidates background and qualifications. A questionnaire was sent to all the candidates from Oahu's two school districts for this information. These questionnaires were accepted by the Honolulu Advertiser and published in a two day feature article. Also, through this joint effort the candidates were interviewed by Political Science Professor Dan Tuttle on two of his weekly TV programs.

The City and County of Honolulu Charter amendment required voter education on the workings of the Planning Commission and a statement of facts related to the amendment. This was accomplished through a fact sheet explaining the "blue ballot" on radio, television and through the newspapers. It has been a stimulating year for us and we feel confident that the two committees have created a better understanding of League work and its purpose throughout the community and the news media.

Jane Fellmeth, Voters Service
Lila Grossman, Public Relations

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