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A Rewarding Experience

Our president returned from the National Council of the League of Women Voters, May 6 to 10, convinced that henceforth Hawaii should regularly send a delegate to these meetings. The Council convenes biennially, in the years between the National Conventions; this is the first time that a representative from Hawaii has attended.

Dr. Togasaki said that in this comparatively small,group-166 as compared with the hundreds at the National Conventions—there is good opportunity for discussion and individual contacts.

Since support of the United Nations is on our national agenda, the conference opened in New York, at the U.N. A presentation of the background of U.N. financing followed introductory remarks by Adlai Stevenson. Foreign aid was discussed by a Ceylonese. LWV members had opportunity to sit in on U.N. sessions.

In Washington the next day Mrs. Robert J. Phillips, national president, formally opened the conference. Look for her address and the ensuing discussion in the next issue of the National Voter.

On the second morning the League had a coffee hour for Congressmen, in the spacious Senate Appropriations room. Eighty-three had signed up but more came, including Senators Fong and Inouye and Representative Matsunaga. Representative Gill was in a committee meeting, trying to secure funds for the Hilo sewer.

Dr. Togasaki says, "It was truly exciting, seeing all those people about whom one has read for so many years."

President Kennedy addressed the group at a specially arranged tour of the White House. He said, "Your efforts in the U.N. have been an important factor in the continued support by Congress of this institution in spite of opposition."

Dr. Togasaki also visited the offices of our Congressmen for interviews regarding the U.N. and foreign policy and to leave League material.


On her way home Dr. Togasaki stopped in Pasadena for a talk with Mrs. Robert Zurbach, our advisor on the National Board. Mrs. Zurbach recommended that we set a goal of a 20% increase in membership as advised at the Council meetings, that we finish the State Study this year, and that we restrict our annual meeting to members.

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