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To whom? Why a Congressman of course! There has been a big campaign against Foreign Aid this year -- if we are to get an adequate AID program letters from interested citizens are a necessity.

Did you see the article in August's Reader's Digest - "Let's Stop Sending U.S. Dollars to Aid our Enemies."? A letter from the LWV National office advises that advance copies of the article were distributed to every member of Congress. They advise that some of the article's fallacies -- and answers to some of the charges made in the article have been inserted in the Congressional Record 8/12/63, pp. 13957-13960, and 7/31/63, pp 13053-54. If you are interested in seeing these answers to the accusations in the article check your Congressional Record at the Library.

(Ed. Note: Since this article was written the House passed the Foreign Aid authorization bill with drastic cuts. It is imperative that every person concerned write now to Senators Fong and Inouye urging that everything possible be done to restore the cuts to this bill. Please read again the, materials sent to you by the National Agenda Committee last week ---and then WRITE!)

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