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Notes from the President

"But who can we get to do the job?" So often a stimulating idea, discussed by the Board and burgeoning with challenging possibilities is filed for "Future Use" due to lack of woman power.

We are confronted with innumerable opportunities: citizen education and voters service -- the year ahead is an election year; the study of our State Government; problems in city planning; current issues in Foreign Aid: changes in the U.N. scene; plus many other related subjects. Recently the National Board prepared excellent material on the Civil Rights Crisis, and we found it necessary to "file it" because there was no one to do the job.

We ought to do our very best in the coming months to increase our membership--to broaden the base and spread the responsibilities. That does not mean that every member has to work day and night for the League-- that is precisely the point-- an increase in membership should produce more willing hands to help carry out the program so that a few do not have to do the bulk of the work.

Let me hasten to say that I think we can take pride in the fact that we accomplish as much as we do with a membership of 110. Think of what we could (and should) be doing!

Therefore do you best to interest at least one other person in the League this year-- and maybe you need to "Reactivate" yourself!!

Jeannine McCullagh

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