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While waiting for the city's new General Flan to be divulged, the Local Agenda Committee has not been twiddling its thumbs. Members of the committee have attended a variety of meetings connected with City Planning, including

H-1 Federal Defense Highway Public Hearing

H-3 Federal Defense Highway Presentation (in Kailua)

Lecture on Highway Planning by Aaron Levine at the Academy of Arts Highway Exhibit

A special meeting in the Mayor's office of windward residents protesting dump burning (Refuse Disposal is a C.R.)

A Honolulu Council of Churches Workshop on "The Inner City" (especially a buzz session on Urban Renewal)

In addition several committee members took the course in City Planning taught by Aaron Levine at the YWCA, and learned a very great

deal that is useful and helpful. There was special emphasis on Citizen Participation in planning.

Of course, they continued to watch over the Planning Commission and the City Council.

The Committee needs more members! See Calendar of Events for date of our next meeting and come! You'll get a warm welcome.

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