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National By-Laws

Proposals for change in the Nat'l. By-laws may be made by any local League Board. The deadline is November 20. If you would like to have our Board recommend a change in these By-laws, call our President or any board member (note handy list of current board members in new issue of the Local Handbook distributed at October unit meetings--Did you get yours?)

Changes in the By-laws will be voted on at Convention next April. Formal proposals for changes have not yet been made, but here is one which will be included, restating the Purpose of the League. Any Leaguers who have in the past studied the exact wording of the Purpose as a guidepost to their own League activities will be interested to read the proposed new wording. (Underlined part is new to the Purpose; formerly it was in the Policy section.):

The purpose of the League of Women Voters, of the United States shall be to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to take action on governmental measures and policies In the interest.

The reason for this proposal is not to change our purpose but to amplify and clarify. League work through Program toward the attainment of chosen governmental goals is, under the present wording, implicit rather than explicit. The League has always taken action in

the public interest. The new wording would make it perfectly clear that the League does take stands on chosen governmental issues and, that part of its purpose is to achieve chosen governmental goals.

Another By-law change has to do with Program structure and National would like to her from local Leagues on this by January 1. Tho not yet formally worded, this change revolves around a single list of program items, rather than the present double list of. CFAs and CRs. One category on the Program. would simplify it and make it more adaptable to current events between Conventions, since there would be no By-law restriction against the expansion of a position, as there is currently on CRs.

Program structure per se is not important, but it is important in furthering the purpose of the League. Put your thinking caps on--this is the first change in Program structure in ten years. What do you think of it?

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