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No unit meetings are scheduled for December but our hard-working Local Item Committee is not taking a holiday, as you can see by the calendar above. They have even been squeezing in extra meetings in view of the Hearing on, the General Plan and the Hearing of the Land Use Commission, scheduled for the 29th and the 30th of November, after the bulletin went to press.

In regard to the General Plan, the Committee wrote a letter to Judge Jamieson expressing the League's appreciation of his firm stand supporting the City Charter in his recent ruling.

Other correspondence of interest is a copy, from Representative Tom Gill, of a letter he wrote to Dr. Fujio Matsuda, State Director of Transportation. In it, Mr. Gill asks these questions:

  1. Who is pushing for a quick determination of the route? (H-1) Is it the local representative of the Bureau of Public Roads, local real estate interests, or someone else?

  2. Why cannot a mid-town route determination await completion of the EQUFA Study? (Oahu Transportation Study)

  3. What are you going to use for matching funds in any case?

The Honolulu League also received letters from our other Congressional representatives in Washington (all in response to our original letter to them stating our position to postpone a final route selection for H-1 until current transportation studies are completed.)

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