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While most members are still working on the final days of 1963, the Honolulu League's forward-looking Board is thinking about next April and the Annual Meeting! It is at this time that the local program item is chosen for the coming year.

The first round of discussion on local program suggestions will be held at the second unit meeting in January! The General meeting early in February will provide time for further discussion; the Board will make its recommendation to the members in the March Bulletin (one month prior to the Annual Meeting).

Therefore it is not too soon to begin thinking about what the LWV of Honolulu should adopt as a local agenda. The present study on City Planning will be reviewed and recommendations will be made regarding its future. All suggestions are welcomed and will be considered. Also, there are two continuing responsibilities on the local program one on the jail and one on Waste Disposal. Should these be retained?

The next issue of The Aloha Voter will carry more information on this important part of program making -- criteria, deadlines, etc. In the meantime give it some thought.

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