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LWV Statement on the General Plan

Statement by the League of Women Voters of Honolulu at the Public Hearing on the General Plan

Friday, November 29, 1963

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu wholeheartedly supports the concept of a General Plan. The local study item of the League for the past two years has been: "Study and support of a well integrated end comprehensive plan for the City and County of Honolulu, including transportation and zoning." In conjunction with this study the League has done the following:

1 Attended Mr. Lee's classes on City Planning.

2. Attended two planning courses offered by the YWCA

3. Over the past two years held bimonthly discussions on planning problems.

4. Had representatives at City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings including those concerned with this plan.

The League of Women Voters regrets that adequate citizen participation has been prevented. The League received a copy of the plan on November 20th, and immediately began its study, but because of the lack of time we have been unable to study it in depth, or present it to our general membership.

We wish to support the excellent work of Planning Director Frederick Lee, his staff, and the Planning Commission for the well-conceived goals and objectives of the Plan. However, are statements in the plan which we question. For example,

  1. The population projection of 820,000 for 1980 on which all planning criteria is based. The State Study shows a figure of only 703,000 for 1980.

  2. This comment on page 50: "It is anticipated that a portion of Fort DeRussy will be released from Military control and eventually be developed for resort hotel uses." Isn't is possible to retain this property as open space?

  3. The plan offers no City position on the routing of the much discussed H-1 Freeway, but on page 66 says, "The Commission also realized that separation of the industrial traffic from the through traffic on the makai side of the city of Honolulu near the waterfront, was needed and proposed an overhead facility."

The inclusion of these, and other questionable statements make us feel it is imperative that there be more study and information given to the citizens and makes us wonder whether Planning Director Lee was able to prove his earlier statement that a good General Plan could not be made in so short a time.

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu recommends that this plan be adopted on an interim basis with the provision included that a revised plan, allowing for adequate citizen participation, be completed within a year after adoption.

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