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No Cakes!

The solution to our local League's balance of payments problem is scheduled for March; i.e. the coffer is low and we are having a Finance Drive, The womanpower is free but League work and activity cost money, The League does not conduct a general public appeal for funds, but asks interested citizens to help finance its work because the benefits of League work go beyond its membership. Experience has shown that a prepared group of members paying personal visits upon selected prospects during a short intensive period is the best method of sound financing and leads to a steady and increasing income through the years. We have drawn up plans along these lines and will be asking for your assistance through your unit. It is hoped each member will share in the project in her own way.

Contributions from members are welcomed at this time. Members of the League are in the best position to value the work of their own organization. Not all members are in a position to go beyond their annual dues and other indirect expenses connected with League work, but it is important that as many members as possible contribute.

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