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Report on Finance or We Went Visiting

In a finance drive it has always been the policy of the League of Women Voters to ask leading citizens and organizations in the community to share in the goals and objectives of the League by making a financial contribution to its working budget. Our non-member contribution goal was $1,000. This ambitious goal was tackled with some 80 new community contacts, first with a letter and then with a personal interview to discuss our work and goals.

A sampling of our new contacts include the Oahu Development Conference members (our leading business firms), financial institutions, builders and developers, labor unions, oil companies, new car dealers, retail and food stores airlines and hotels. Our regular contributors were also asked to support this goal.

At this midway point in our drive with requests being considered and more interviews to schedule, our goal is in sight. The $5, $10, and $15 contributions were most welcome, the $25 and $50 contributions very encouraging, but those several $100 and that one $200 contribution caused beams of joy among the solicitors, both for the generous community support and for the good work and name of the League they found in the community. Even those occasional and expected "no, thank you" responses didn't dampen those solicitors' spirits.

For their good work, halos go to Jane Beebe, Peg Gressitt, Gertrude Nolton, Ruth Johnson, Nan Lowers, Nancy Dykes, Jeannine McCullagh, Anne Miller, Jan Marder, Martha Shelverton, Betty Simmerer, Teru Togasaki, and Beth Yarberry.

In spite of this magnificent response from the community, we are still an organization basically dependent on its members. Our budget includes an item. for $200 in member contributions. Many have already come in and these are greatly appreciated in any amount. If you want to contribute, and have not yet done so, just send to LWV, P.O. Box 1411, Honolulu,

There are a few halos left.

Lila Grossman

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