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Report on Local Study Item

Busy, busy, busy are Local Agenda Committee members these days as they meet alternate Thursday mornings at 10:00 at the home of Dee Levine (next meeting, April 2) to study the City Charter. Members are learning; more than "the book" has to offer, however. Listen to your committee representation with various exciting and interesting Citizen's Advisory Groups: Sheila Hoffmann, most recent recruit, is serving as League representative to the Conservation Council for Hawaii; Fredda Sullam has recently accepted an invitation from the Oahu Development Conference to serve on its Urban Renewal Committee; Anne Miller has represented the League for some time on the ODC Comprehensive Planning Committee; Peg Gressitt and Mary Wou are to serve on the Citizen's Advisory Committee to the Oahu Transportation Study; and Marion Boke and Fredda Sullam are serving on the most recently organized advisory committee assisting in the planning of Honolulu's Civic Center. With so many pots boiling at the same time the committee would welcome the appearance of new faces at the study table!

Anne Miller

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