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Report on State Study Item

This year the State Study group has been working on the two remaining branches of the State Government, the Judiciary (completed) and the Executive. During this study SOMG of our members have made tries to the various departments, including the courts, and have had some interviews with departmental personnel. We have only two or three more departments of the Executive to cover and then our State Study will be completed.

Through the course of this study we have come up with quite a few suggestions for areas of study which would make good future State Items. These are areas which it seems the League could study thoroughly, draw attention to in the community, and possibly take some sort of action on.

In May we should be presenting the last of the reports and shortly after that we hope to have ready for the membership complete mimeographed sets of the outlines covering the study of the nest two years. We hope to have our complete set of reports, including the Voter Qualifications and Constitutional Amendment Provisions reedy to send in to National this month.

Incidentally, I knew we have quite a few artistic members in the League and we'd like some ideas for designs for a cover for our pamphlet. We are considering silk-screening it ourselves and if anyone would like to help in the production or design, or has other suggestions for methods of producing a cover, would you please call me at 253-369, preferably in the afternoon.

Iris Timmerman

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