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Report on Units

We have had three units meeting regularly this year. The Kailua Unit started the year by holding two meetings on the same day (one in the morning - the other in the evening). Attendance seemed to indicate that the morning was not drawing enough interested members, so it continued for the rest of this year with just one meeting in the morning. Our average unit attendance per month was 40 members. Manoa had an average attendance of 11 members; Kailua, 10 members; and Waialae-Kahala, 19 members.

Mrs. Jane Beebe took over as Unit Leader in Kailua and has worked hard so that at the present time she has generated quite a bit of interest and as of this minute Kailua would seem to have the greatest number of possible new members. Waialae-Kahala has continued to be a big Unit; Jan Marder will be leaving the Islands this Spring and we have an experienced Leaguer to step into her post-- Colleen Roth who will take over in September. Manoa continues to have our most loyal and faithful workers and both Helen Frederick and Grace Furukawa have done their usual efficient job of keeping the Unit going.

During the year we had four General Membership meetings. The first was in September on the Interstate and Defense highway with Dr. Fujio Matsuda of the State Transportation Department. In October there was an excellent panel of Leaguers on the UN, in February a luncheon featuring the outlook for Voters Service, and the Annual Meeting in April will finish the year.

Nan Lowers

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