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LWV of Honolulu - Board of Directors - 1964-65

LWV of Honolulu - Board of Directors - 1964-1965

President Mrs. Eldon R. Dykes (Nancy) 75-959 4398 Aukai Ave., Honolulu 96815

First Vice-President Mrs. Robert P. McCullagh (Jeannine) 773-168 Bulletin Editor 1351 Center St., Honolulu 96816

Second Vice-President

Secretary Mrs. George Simson (Marguerite) 245-954 45-561 Koolau View Dr., Kaneohe, 96744

Treasurer Mrs. Robert H. Paapanen (Lorna) 982-549 3011 Oahu Ave., Honolulu 96822

National Agenda Mrs. Wallace Brownlie (Idell) 256-442 112 Mahealani Fl., Kailua 96734

State Study

Local Agenda Mrs. Robert B. Miller (Anne) 255-435 111 Kaha Street, Kailua 96734

Voters Service Mrs. Louis Rodrigues (Betty) 253-501 44-398 Kaneohe Bay Dr., Kaneohe 96744

Finance Mrs. Sherman Grossman (Lila) 39-387 302-A Elelupe Road, Honolulu 96821

Membership Mrs. Durl Yarberry (Bethel) 78-791 4556 Aukai, Hcnolulu 96815

Public Relations


Unit Coordinator

Nominating Committee Chrmn. Mrs. Warren Beebe (Jane) 252-223 661 Milokai_ Kailua 96734

Unit Chairmen

Kailua Mrs. Warren Beebe (Jane) 252-223

Manoa Miss Helen Frederick 978-162

Mrs. Edward Furukawa (Grace) 982-757

Waialae-Kahala Mrs. Alex Roth (Colleen) 775-267


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