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Coffee Cups

As a follow-up to our November meetings on commodity agreements you may want to know about H.R. 8864 to implement the International Coffee Agreement.

The Agreement itself was ratified last May. This measure, which merely authorized the president to issue "certificates of origin" for quota coffee coming in under the agreement, was approved by the House November 14 by a comfortable majority. Since then it has been reported to the Senate by the Senate Finance Committee, but it has collided with the civil rights legislation and has not been considered by the Senate.

It has failed to be passed because of pressure of other legislation, and partly because of feelings by some Congressmen that rising coffee prices have resulted. The State Dept. has been assuring Congressmen that natural disasters in Brazil rather than the agreement have caused the price rise.

The U.S. has already failed to meet two deadlines for putting the bill into effect. If the U.S. delays much longer some officials believe our failure to take part will doom the agreement since we are the world's leading importer of coffee.

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