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Going to be in Washington, D.C. this Summer?

Hot off the presses is handy 23 page booklet published by the League of Women Voters of the U.S. entitled, "When You Come to Washington -- How to Take a Look at the Federal Government".

To quote the introductory remarks, "This information is intended for those visitors who want to take a look at the Washington which houses federal government and have only a limited amount of time to spend in the city. Buildings and Parks should be seen. But people and processes bring government-in-action to life, help the visitor understand how our democracy works. If you want a glimpse of the day-to-day operation of government to see where decisions are made that affect all of us, then these suggestions are for you".

Under the Legislative Branch -- Congress are such headings: The Capitol, From the Galleries, Congressional Committee Hearings, How the Committee System Works, Congressional Offices, The Library of Congress. There is a section on the Judicial Branch -- The Supreme Court and The Executive Branch which lists subheadings: The White House, Agriculture Dept., Commerce Dept., Defense Dept., FBI, Interior Dept. State Dept., Voice of America, and the National Archives.

You may have friends who will be visiting Washington, D. C. this summer. Why not send them off with this useful reference book.

If you would like to secure a copy, 35¢ each, call Jeannine McCullagh, 773-168, or write to the LWV, Box 1411, Honolulu.

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