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Prexy Gives Convention Report

Ordinarily, one would start a Convention Report with details of the opening session and progress in an orderly fashion until adjournment. I would like to reverse that order.

The closing session, which is not always too well attended since Program has already been adopted, was filled to overflowing. The reason -- the guest of the morning was the President of the United States! The Convention Hall bristled with excitement, and as President Johnson entered a roar of applause arose and thundered through the hall. Mr. Johnson spoke warmly of the League and with deep conviction on his "war on poverty." Seeing and hearing our President was a climactic experience I shall never forget.

The Convention adopted the National Program after long hours of caucus, debate, lobbying, strategy; i.e. the democratic processes. This was exciting, stimulating, and exhausting! The Program for 1964-66 is as follows:

1. Development of Human Resources - this is the item known as Equality of Opportunity. Only the title was changed to make it more acceptable in areas where the word "Equality" might create public animosity.

2. United Nations

3. Foreign Economic Policy

4. Water Resources

The three C.R.'s were adopted as proposed. With a program of this length our work is cut out for us.

The most exciting news I've saved until last. The National Office has approved the formula for the establishment of the Hawaii State League! The proposal was sound and reasonable, but each of you must want this. It will require time and energy from all. Keep in mind we can not act on state level "issues" until we are a State League. More details as we work it out.

Lastly, each delegate of the '64 Convention sends you "Mahalo". Unknown to most of you, the Leagues of Hawaii sent vandas to each delegate and leis to Mrs. Stuart (new President of the LWV), Mrs. Phillips (retiring President), and Mrs. Zurbach (National Board member "responsible" for Hawaii). A special thanks to Dr. Togoasaki who helped make it possible.

At a later date I will give you more details of a wonderful and exciting Convention.

Nancy Dykes

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