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June Units -- A Triple Treat!
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June Units -- A Triple Treat!

The last official units for this program year will really give you a treat. The State Committee, which has worked so hard compiling our State Study, winds up their presentation this month. With these final reports, you should all "Know Your State". The Department of General Services, and the Dept. of Planning and Econ. Development will be presented at all three units. The Manoa Unit will catch up with their report on the University. Any of you that have missed that report should make an effort to get to the Manoa Unit.

The Local Agenda Committee will begin preparing us for the City Charter study by giving us some background information on forms of city government. Material to prepare you for this discussion is attached to this bulletin.

And last, but not least, you will finally get your full report on the National Convention. In the Bulletin you were told What happened, now you will be told Why and How. If time permits, you will also hear some of the unofficial human interest stories of Convention, which are sometimes more fun than the Business Meetings,


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