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Notes to You... From the President!

The official League year is drawing to a close, but the Board is currently so busy making plans for next year, that I suspect we may not even notice July and August.

Every present Board member is so enthusiastically working on her particular job, that it disturbs me to see 5 Board positions not filled. Unless these positions are filled, it means that our League, League Program, and you will be deprived of some aspect of League activity. At this time several of us are doing more than one job, but we cannot have an efficient organization under these circumstances. Board positions do not require executive ability, but rather a little time and enthusiasm for the League. Do a little soul-searching; then call me and discuss it.

League boasts a place for everyone! With a National, State and Local Agenda, committee chairmen would welcome you to lend a hand. Also, within the units, there are so many little jobs to be done, that every pair of hands helps. See your Unit Chairman and VOLUNTEER.

You will find that in the League, you "receive" in direct proportion to your "giving". Let's make this a proud and exiting year for the Honolulu League.

Nancy Dykes

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