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Notes to You... from the President! (Nancy Dykes)
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Notes to You... from the President!

This has been a busy summer for many who are working on League projects. I hope it has been as rewarding for them as it has been to me as I see the results.

All will be impressed with the wonderful Voter brochure that is now being distributed by Voters Service. It has already received outstanding public praise with many requests for copies. The Candidates Questionnaire is in the first stage of process and it promises to be really great. "A tip of our League hat" to this hard working committee.

I hope everyone is keeping well informed on the State Reapportionment studies. This may well become an important part of League study in the next few months. The local newspapers are the "resource" material for this. Keep reading!

The State Convention for the inception of our State League is tentatively set for February 1965. This is a big Project and will require full League support with each member sharing in the work load. I know I can rely on each of you.

The Board has scheduled an exciting and busy League year. It can be a very rewarding year for all of us. Why don't You make an "August Resolution" to make this a bigger and better year for the League. The best way I know to start is with a contribution, then join a Committee, and last, but not least, attend meetings regularly.

Nancy A. Dykes

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