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1963 Legislature - The Legislative Vote!! (Helen Frederick)

1963 Legislature - The Legislative Vote!!

H.B. #4 (To provide for election of members of board of education)
Introduced by:

Eimer Cravalho (7th Dist)
Clarence Akizaki (15th Dist.)
Wm. Furtado (11 Dist.)
Phillip Minn (10th Dist.)
Howard Miyake (14th Dist.)
Larry Kuriyama (10th Dist.)
Frank Loo (12th Dist.)
Geo. Koga (16th Dist.)
Robt. Oshiro (9th .Dist)
Hiroshi Kato (16th Dist.)
Mamoru Yamasaki (7th Dist.)
Tadao Beppu (16th Dist.)
Rudolph Pacarro (12th Dist.)
James Wakatsuki (11 Dist.)
Robt. Chang (13th Dist.)
Peter Iha (12th Dist.)
Sakae Amano (17th :Dist.)
John Lanham (9th Dist.)
Donald Ching (10th. Dist.)

David Trask (7th Dist.)
Walter Heen (16th 'Dist.)
Akoni Pule (5th Dist.)
Akira Sakima ((11th Dist.)
Earnest Heen (8th Dist.)
Tony Kunimura (18th Dist.)
Geo. Okaho (10th Dist.)
Wm. Fernandes (18th Dist.)
Manuel Henriques (18th Dist)
Takeshi Kudo (4th Dist.)
Toshio Serizawa (2nd Dist.)
T.C. Yim (14th Dist.)
James Shigemura (15th Dist.)
Robt. Taira (14th Dist.)
Hiram Kamaka ((8th Dist.)
D.C. McClung (14th Dist.)
Pedro de la Cruz (6th Dist.)
John Duarte (7th. Dist.)
Jack Sawa (1st Dist.)


Report to Speaker Cravalho from Committee on Education in accord with intent and recommends:

James Wakatsuki (Ch,)
Eureka Forbes (15th Dist.) do not concur
Tony Kunimura
Donald Chine; Takeshi Kudo
Joseph Garcia (2nd. Dist.) do not concur
James Shigemura
David Trask
Frank Loo
Robt. Taira

Report to Senate Pres. Doi from Education Committee amendments etc.
(If interested in amendments check with voters service)

Patsy Mink (5th Dist.) Ch.
Vincent Yano (4th Dist.)
Ben. Menor (1st Dist.)
Thomas Ogato(3rd Dist.)
Vincent Esposito(4th Dist.)
Bernard Kinney (2nd Dist.)
Noboru Miyake (6th Dist.) with reservations

"While it may develop that an elected school board may be needed in future to solve many of the problems of our educational system, I feel strongly that the present system should be given an opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness. Randolph Crossley (4th Dist.)

On motion of Sen. Russell (not in office now), seconded by Sen. Calmes (not in office now) report of committee be adopted, Final reading 17 ayes 7 naes, Abe, Arashiro, Crossley, Fukuoka, McGregor, Ogata & Yoshinaga Excused Kinney

These findings submitted by
Helen Frederick
May 1964

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