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October Units Highlight State Program Planning and U.N.
Notes from the President... (Nancy Dykes)
T.V. Time for Honolulu League
Correction to Candidates Questionnaire
Classified Ads
Pros-Cons on Constitutional Amendments

Classified Ads

HELP WANTED: Ambitious young women, with few hours to spare, needed to help in carrying on League programs. No experience needed. Salary--none except personal satisfaction. Call anytime--267-043 or 78-791.

LOST: The flannelboard display on "How A Bill Becomes A Law" Someone borrowed it after it was used last year on League Day. If you can help us locate it call Helen Frederick (978-162) or Iris Timmerman (253-369)

FOUND: Last April after a unit meeting at Nan Lowers home, a lovely tan hand knitted sweater. Call Jeannine McCullagh 773-168, if it is yours.

This issue of The Aloha Voter contains Voters Service information on the amendments to be voted upon in the general election, party platforms…

Do yourself a favor and READ IT ALL!

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