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Correction to Candidates Questionnaire

By this time you have all received the copies of the replies to the questionnaire. The answer to one question was inadvertently omitted. Here is the reply:

John E. (Stu) Milligan - Candidate for U.S. House (R) answer to Question #4 "National and international interests.

Nationl1y, --Nationally I feel that education of quality and depth is the first answer to many of our problems. The population and knowledge explosions have underscored this need.

Internationally, My concern is with the look of policy and direction in our present foreign relations policy. Constructively, I want to see Hawaii's people with ethnic roots around the Pacific rim used more in our foreign relations effort. Our inter-racial concord can be a living example of America. in action."

And plaudits to Betty Rodrigues who typed all of the stencils for the replies to the questionnaires!

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