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Notes from the President...

I would like each of you to know some of the exciting things that have been happening in YOUR League these past months. State League Planning is nearly complete... 30,000 "Your Vote Makes A Difference" brochures were distributed... 100 posters were placed in stores, public buildings, etc.... a long distance call from Calif. gave us permission to put pamphlets in all post offices in the State.... several speeches were given including those to AAUW, Marine Station, Retired Teachers Assoc., Senior Citizens, and several others... a T.V. interview on our local League....8 scheduled programs to interview candidates... a candidates questionnaire.... newspaper articles about our League and articles on voting... an answering service for information on voting and registration procedures here and for all states... a new unit was formed in Kailua... many new members are joining us in our ever important League work. I am so pleased with our many accomplishments this year, and hope that we will continue to grow and be more effective in our community.

Nancy Dykes

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