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Charter, City and County of Honolulu. 1959

ARTICLE I: Incorporation, Limits and Form of Government: "The City and County of Honolulu" is the corporate name of the people on Oahu, including all adjacent islands not in any other county. The form of government is known as Mayor-Council form.

ARTICLE II: Powers of the city: All powers necessary for self-government plus any additional powers possible to be granted in the future except as restricted by laws of the State. Enumeration of powers in charter does not limit possible powers.

ARTICLE III: Legislative Branch; ARTICLE IV: Executive Branch; and ARTICLE V: Ch. 1: Mayor, have been presented.

Ch. 2: CORPORATION COUNSEL: is appointed by the mayor with council approval, and may be removed by the mayor. He is the legal adviser and legal representative of all officers and agencies of the city, including the council. He must be a lawyer licensed to practice in all wail's courts, who has practiced in Hawaii at least five years. No other legal council may be retained by any city official or department except as detailed in charter.

Ch. 3: BUDGET DIRECTOR: is appointed by the mayor and serves directly under the mayor. He prepares the annual operating budget and capital budget ordinances: he reviews proposed work program schedules of the departments and proposed new positions for inclusion in the 14dget. He reports to the mayor and council Quarterly on the progress and efficiency of each agency and maintains an overall efficiency and economy study of city and department operations and recommends improvements to the mayor. The budget director must have 5 years training and experience in budgeting or related fields, three years of which must have been in a supervisory role.

Ch. 4: DEPARTMENT OF FINLNCE: is headed by the Director of Finance, appointed by the mayor, and subject to removal by him. He must have five years of experience in a public or private financial position. with at least three years as a responsible administrator. This officer is the chief accounting officer of the city. He is responsible for all financial transactions and accounts for all agencies of the city, and for all city property. Public improvement assessments are reviewed by him before receiving council approval. He holds all official bonds except his own, which the Mayor holds. Finally, he reviews the handling of public funds and makes financial reports at least quarterly to the mayor and council. He or his assistant must make, with a council representative, a cash count every three months, the result of which is sent to the mayor and council and also posted in the department for one month. There are two special pension funds under his care.

Ch. 5: PLANNING DEPLRTMENT: Consists of a planning director, planning commission (7 men) and a zoning board of appeals (3 men). All are appointed by the mayor with the council's approval. The planning director needs 5 years training and experience in a responsible planning position, at least three years of which must have been administrative, in charge of major city planning activities. The planning commission members must believe in the principles of sound city planning Both groups servo staggered terms. They are concerned with the general plan (long-range, comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city including land use, population density, etc.), subdivision of lands, and zoning matters. These are prepared by the planning director, reviewed by the planning commission, and adopted by the council through ordinance. The council enacts zoning ordinances in accord with the general plan. Proposals regarding zoning matters are heard by the zoning board of appeals who may grant variances with a 2 member vote. Public hearing notices concerning the ,feral plan and the granting of zoning variances must be published 10 days prior to the hearing in the daily newspaper.

Ch. 6: CIVIL SERVICE: The department of Civil Service, comprising the director (administrative head), commission, and staff, purposes to establish a career service that will attract, select, and retain on a merit basis the best qualified civil servants, retained free from coercive political influences, with promotion incentives to competitive impartial service through the following personnel policies: 1. Equal opportunity regardless of race, religion, or politics; 2. Fair competitive tests; 3. Just opportunity for promotion; 4. Reasonable job security for the competent employee; 5. Classification through job evaluation; 6. Employer-employee balanced relations (people as employer; individual citizens as employees) toward well-trained and productive work force. Section 3 lists 11 kinds of jobs exempted from civil service classification. Sec. 4 lists the director's Qualifications (Minimum 5 years personnel administration training and experience; at least 3 years in responsible administrative capacity; must be in sympathy with merit principles),instatement (appointed by...

[remainder of document in bound Aloha Voters in UH Hawaiian Collection]

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