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Candidates' Questionnaire



GEORGE SCOTTY KOLA; Democrat; Age: 36

Education: Waikiki Elementary School; St. Louis High School: University of Hawaii; Georgetown University Law School, LLB (law).

Occupation: Lawyer.

Additional training and experience: House of Representatives for 5 years, member of the following committees: Finance, government efficiency, transportation, economic development, public employment, harbors and airports.

Director of Honolulu Council of Social Agencies: Director of Humane Society: Director of Honolulu Stadium; Co-chairman of the Governor's Advisory Committee on the State Capitol; member of the Civic Center Master Plan Committee: General Counsel for Legal Aid Society of Hawaii; member of the Board of Regents of Chaminade College of Honolulu.


By the development of a suitable mass transportation media to supplement the existing facilities. The feasibility of a cross town monorail system should be thoroughly. studied. Some financial aid should be forthcoming from the Federal Government under the recently passed Urban Transit Bill. By the proper routing of the Federal Interstate High ways and the numerous access roads thereto.

HOW to raise sufficient funds to adequately finance the need for more classrooms and other needed school facilities, to provide for school and sidewalk improvements that have been long neglected. to provide for a bigger and better paid police force and to provide more and better maintained parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities.

*RICHARD M. KAGEYAMA; Democrat; Did not respond.


ON CHAR; Republican

Education: Kaiulani School and New York Institute of Photography..

Occupation: More than 40 years as a professional photographer. Now president of On Char Corporation, dealing in securities and investments.

Additional training and experience: Years of private study of the proper relationships between the City Council and growth and development planning, zoning and rezoning practices, area improvement, renewal and rehabilitation, and public property maintenance and repair.

Originated idea for triple-decked parking facility in the central business district at Maunakea and Smith Streets and Nimitz Highway. Plan adopted and used by City and County without change. City was saved more than $100,000.

Professional photographic work in connection with architectural practicability, construction sites and construction progress, street alignment, property damage, and panoramic site and area proposals and projects.



a. An efficient mass transportation system through the utilization of private capital.

b. A practical speed-up for completion of major highways and freeways.

c. A greater use of over and underpasses in the construction of highways, bearing in mind the aesthetics of the surroundings.

d. Where practical, provision of an exclusive right-of-way for the operation of express busses through congested city areas during peak traffic hours.

2. Financial economy, especially in operating budgets and appropriations. We must consistently seek increased efficiency of personnel, methods, and procedures, so maximum of proper services and benefits are provided at minimum operational costs. Appropriations must be based upon actual needs and the most practical ways and means of meeting them.

EDGAR D. CRUMPACKER; Republican; Age: 48

Education: Reed College, Portland, Oregon BA; California Institute of Technology, MS; Stanford University LLB (law).

Occupation: Attorney.

Additional training and experience : Resident 18 years: 1st Judge 1st Circuit Court, Territory and State of Hawaii; Assistant United States Attorney; Colonel, United States Air Force Reserve; Private practice of Law.


1. The following sequence:

a. Improve enforcement of traffic laws expediting flow.

b. Revision of (temporary) existing traffic patterns.

c. Expedition of completion of arterial construction now in progress.

d. Early commencement of construction of planned arterials.

e. Further analysis and planning of ultimate arterial system.

f. Ultimately some improved form of mass transportation.

2. The need for a government which is representative of all of the people and not just special interest groups. This may best he accomplished by requiring a full disclosure of the sources of income and property acquisition of all in public office as well as general disclosure relating to clients or business interests wherein a conflict of interest is or may be involved; and above all by choosing representatives with the highest degree of integrity.



(complete document is in bound Aloha Voters in UH Hawaiian Collection)

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