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Program Planning for 1965-66

As you recall, each year we plan our study and action program for the following year. We are again at that point in. our League year. At the Units this month (January) we will be discussing the items you would prefer for our Local Item. Because the League. is a "grassroots" Organization it is the membership and not the Committee or the Board that selects the program items.

It is for this important reason that it is vital that you plan to attend a unit and help in the planning of this important phase of the League.

In 1964 our Local Items were the Study of the Charter, and Planning. In the course of both of these items there have been areas of concern mentioned by you at the units. Perhaps you would like to further explore an area within these studies since we now have the background information. Or perhaps you would prefer a completely new area of study.

The Local Agenda Committee will be discussing several areas within the present studies at the units. With this as a guide we do our Program building. Again we urge you to attend units -- do not let us become apathetic in our League life.

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