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Convention - Convention - Convention

We are rapidly approaching the big day of our first State Convention. You have been he about parts of the plans and will soon be getting a State Report with complete details.

There are a few things we will be doing in February at the Honolulu level in preparation for Convention. The first thing will be to select the delegates who will represent the Honolulu League at the State Convention. The By-laws allow us 1 delegate per 15 members, or 10 delegates. The delegates will be elected by the membership at the February units. The Convention will be March 3 and 4. Check you schedules -- perhaps you will be fortunate enough to be selected to attend. Be sure to get to a unit meeting.

Also, the Organization Committee has informed us that the Convention will be open to all members to attend as observers. Because this is the first Hawaii State Convention they feel it important that all members be able to observe. The actual business and voting is done by the delegates but there will be so much to learn that each of you should make a sincere effort to attend at least one session!

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