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Finance Drive Is Underway

Letters have been sent to all prospective contributors (and some contributions have already been received) outlining the League4s purpose and program. The letter states that two League members will call for an appointment during the week of February 15th -- and this is where you come into the plan!

Before you say "Ugh - asking for money -- not for me." read on. Herewith is the "true story" of what happened to the Honolulu League last year during the Finance Drive.

In recent years the Finance Drives consisted of a letter with a return envelope and a few half-hearted personal calls. There were good reasons for this but underneath it all most people just didn't like the idea of "asking for money"!

Finally, last year the Board took a loong look at the year ahead -- an election year with great opportunities. for Voters Service (costs money) -- a need to expand horizons and reach out to new people in the community (costs money) -- the probability of organizing a State League (costs money) -- and decided to bear down and have a "real" League-like Finance Drive.

So, the letters were written. A group of dedicated and determined League members grit their teeth, made appointments, and with knees knocking began making the personal calls. And then it happened! Natural enthusiasm for the League overcame the nervous jitters -- the prospective contributors were really interested in what we were doing, and the checks started arriving in the mail. Final total was over $1300 (we were hoping for $l000). And the calls and letters that did not result in a contribution at least helped in our public relations effort.

League members who made the cells were jubilant -- one member, when asked by the Vice-president of a large company if the League would be happy with $100 from their firm, replied, "Happy? We'd be hysterical!"

Therefore, be not dismayed! Come to the Briefing session on February 10 (see calendar). You will be given all materials and information needed. A11 calls are made in teams of two. It's really a good experience -- a chance to get a glimpse into the business life of our community and an opportunity to help promote the program of the League. Remember -- the more callers- the fewer calls per team!

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