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KHVH-TV to Show 90-Minute TV Special on the United Nations
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KHVH-TV to Show 90-Minute TV Special on the United Nations

Telsun Foundation's second television special on the UN is entitled, "Who Has Seen the Wind?". It will be viewed here on Friday, February 26th, 8:30 - 10:00 pm on KHVH-TV, Channel 4.

Starring Maria Schell, Stanley Baker, and Edward G. Robinson, the teleplay deals with the story of a family of stateless refugees, forced to spend their lives aboard a tramp freighter because their native country was literally written out of existence after World War II. The teleplay's theme naturally brings into play the UN's role in the plight of the world's 8-million refugees.

All of Telsun's TV series on the United Nations are being underwritten by the Xerox Corporation. All the stars, producers, directors, writers, composers and other creative talent participating in the programs are waiving their customary fees and receive only a minimum payment in accordance with union contracts.

Idea,: Invite in some friends to view this with you -- should make for lively and stimulating discussion afterwards.

Idea: If you belong to other organizations interested in the UN publicize this program in these groups.

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