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Notes from the President

Most people vacation in the summer - but not the League of Women Voters! Many of you have been working like beavers for so many projects of League; the State Fair, Local Agenda, Finance, Membership, to name a few. The "League Hat" is Off to each and every one of you!

I will be leaving Windward Oahu shortly, a move I make with sadness - and with great joy. I have enjoyed getting to know Windward Leaguers better, and I look forward to seeing more of you on the Leeward side.

The Finance Drive has been a real success - but if you have not made your contribution, why not make it this week? And do not forget about those dues.

All of the Committees are working hard, getting ready for our formal Program in the fall. They can always use a few extra "hands and heads". Those of you who have not worked on a Committee don't know how much you are missing! In addition to the work, it is fun.

Welcome to the new members - I look forward to meeting each of you. We are happy you share our enthusiasm in working for good government.

I am looking forward to the Membership Luncheon in August - I know all of you will get your reservations in early. The State Board will also be meeting that week, and our Board members from Hilo will be our guests. This will be a good time to meet them, for new members, and for the rest of us, a chance to renew our League fellowship.

Let's all keep our shoulders to the League wheel, and make 1965 the best year over for Honolulu. Make this the year that YOU bring a now member into the League - Each one bring one - why not introduce a friend to the League at the Luncheon?

Don't forget to be doing your League homework - keep yourself informed - read - study - get yourself tuned in for discussion - units will be starting before you know it.


Nancy Dykes

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