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State Fair Booth

I'm sure some of you are curious about the final outcome of our straw vote at the State Fair booth. Here are the figures:


DRIVER RELICENSING: Should periodic relicensing be required of all private motor vehicle operators? 630 126

MILITARY VOTING: Should special residence requirements for voting imposed on military personnel be abolished? 482 259

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: 1Then a city official has complied with charter requirements to declare a conflict of interest, should be then be permitted to vote on the issue? 305 427

SOUTH VIETNAM: Do you support President Johnson's policy of stepped up military involvement in South Vietnam? 582 160

ONE HOUSE LEGISLATURE: Would you favor the establishment of a unicameral legislature in Hawaii? 291 418

INTERISLAND FERRY: Should we have a public inter-island surface ferry system? 539 201

Although some sleep had been lost over the complications of manning the booth, the whole thing went amazingly smoothly. Our thanks to the 32 members, husbands, and children that made this possible. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we learned a good deal about planning for this type of project, should future opportunities arise.

Report from
Sue Thorndike

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