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The Ethics magoo (as KHON newscaster Wayne Collins has been known to call our dignified crusade to upgrade ethical standards for local government) will once again be the primary topic for discussion at the next meeting of the Local Agenda Committee. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. sharp on Thursday, August 19, at Bea Levine's - 2132 Round Top Drive.

The Committee hopes that all members with a particular interest in this subject will come to the meeting, participate in the discussion of research material, and lend a hand with the visual exhibits being prepared for presentation at September unit meetings. We can promise coffee and some lively conversation on one of our most stimulating topics - and newcomers are urgently needed to help with our expanding responsibilities. If you're new in the League, and especially if you're new in the community, the Local Agenda Committee offers the most direct route to the primary League goal of informed citizen participation in government.

At the August 19th meeting, the Committee will also discuss the request for rezoning of the Aikahi Triangle, a matter currently before the City Council and scheduled for Public hearing on August 24th. We will examine available data on the rezoning request to see whether or not our previous studies on planning, and the League consensus on that recommendation to the Board for a definite stand on the request. Anyone with Special knowledge of this subject is urged to come to participate in this discussion.

In case League members missed the newspaper accounts, the City Council adopted by unanimous vote on August 1, a change in their procedural rules calling for public disclosure of members' possible conflict of interest statements: In the future, these to be read by the clerk during the Council proceedings. This amendment to Council procedural rules is substantially the same as the League's Proposal of July 1.

POSTSCRIPT - Mary George has received a request from Rabbi Rosenberg for the League to put on a program on Ethics in Government at the First Methodist Church on October 12.

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