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Ten new members have joined us in the last month - some of them at the membership luncheon at the Kahala Hilton Hotel. Our aloha to

Mrs Walter Barbo 1777 Ala Moana, Apt. 1835 Honolulu

Mr. James Foster 4739 Aukai Avenue Honolulu

Mrs. Unoji Goto 941 Noio Street Honolulu

Mrs. Philip Helfrich 45-274 Kokokahi Place Kaneohe

Mrs. G. A. Lane 423 Emerson, Apt. 212 Honolulu,

Mrs. Vaughn McCoy 896 Mokulua Drive Kailua

Mrs. O.W. Noble 2377 Kalakaua Ave., Apt. 906 Honolulu

Mrs. L. E. Paterson 914 Mokulua Drive Kailua

Mrs. Lloyd Payne 138 Kuuhale Street

Mrs. Bonnie Willis 4182 Keani Street Honolulu

The Membership luncheon was a real success, with 115 members and guests attending. The service and food were excellent, and League members had a rare opportunity to meet with each other socially. To those of you who wanted to know where we found such a charming person and interesting speaker as Dr. Madison Presnell, the credit goes to Betty Myers. As a personal friend of the Presnells', Betty was able to persuade him to take time to speak to us, although he left the Islands for a new job in Connecticut just four days later." We will try to have copies of Dr. Presnell's Speech at the September Unit meetings for those of you who want it.

I would like to thank all the members of my committee - Betty Tobiasson, Marie Gilson, Laura Draper, Eileen Featherston, and Betty Myers - for the cooperation and help they gave me in making all the arrangements.

I would also like to thank the general membership for responding with such an impressive list of guests (58). We hope to see many of them at our first Unit meetings in September.

A word to the new members - If you would like to start actively participating in a League Study Item, please let me know so we can place you on a committee. Remember, you don't have to be an expert in anything. Participating in League Study Items can help to make you an expert.

Thank you, welcome, and aloha.

Fran Mongan
Membership Chairman 269-837

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