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Home Rule for D.C.

Home Rule for D.C.

For many, many years the League of Women Voters of the United States has had a continuing action in support of self-government for the District of Columbia. The D.C. home rule discharge petition was signed by the necessary 218 Representatives (including both Reps. Mink and Matsunaga), and the bill is scheduled for the floor September 27. League members can take great satisfaction in the success of this campaign. The impact of our work has been noted by home rule supporters and opponents alike. The following quote is from a September 3 article in The Washington Post:

"Rep. Joel T. Broyhill (R., Va.), a leading opponent of home rule, said that 'good sound solid members' have come to him recently saying they had been getting letters from home for home rule. He said several decided it was easier for them to sign the discharge petition than to go home and explain to the League of Women Voters they hadn't '."

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