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Aloha to Our Newst Members

Eleven new members have joined us since August.

Mrs. Howard B. Bliss 658 Hunakai Street Honolulu

Mrs. Donald Davidson 1962 Halekoa Drive Honolulu

Mrs. John G. Hartshorn 1777 Ala Moana Blvd., Apt. 633 Honolulu

Ms. Emily Howe 1020 Spenser Street, Apt. E Honolulu

Mrs. Arthur Johnstone 2727 Ferdinand Street Honolulu

Mrs. Franklin Klein 594 Palawiki Street Kailua

Mrs. Paul Larson 45-213 Pualikoa Place Kaneohe

Mrs. Scott McCleod 651 Ikemaka Place Kailua

Mrs. Chandler Rowe 3708 Lurline Drive Honolulu

Mrs. C. B. Stern 558 Paakiki Place Kailua

Mrs. Annette Taylor 44 Wilikoki Place Kailua

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