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Memo from the President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the League, I would like to extend to each of you, a wish for a joyous holiday season. I would hope that the accomplishments of the League in 1965 have been an inspiration to you, and that 1966 will be as fruitful for the League in its goal of promoting citizen participation in government.

The League has consistently demonstrated to the citizens of Honolulu, their deep interest in the governmental affairs of our community, and their willingness to dedicate themselves to the promotion of good government for all citizens. May we never falter in that dedication.

When you make your resolutions for 1966, remember your pledge to the League of Women Voters, and resolve to renew and rededicate yourself to its goals and ideals.

Happy holiday - see you in 1966!

Nancy Dykes

A - "What is the first thing a League member says when she moves into a new community?"

B - "I don't know. What does she say?"

A - "Take me to your Leaguer."

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