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Consensus Questions

  1. The following criteria could be applied to federal programs providing equality of opportunity for education and employment:

    1. The nationwide effort to achieve equality of opportunity in education and employment should include participation of government at all levels, and private institutions as well.

    2. Programs should be carefully tailored to the educational or employment needs of the people they are intended to reach.

    3. People for whom community action programs are designed should be involved in the planning and implementation of those programs.

    4. Programs should assist people to become self-supporting, contributing members of society.

    5. The programs should be nondiscriminatory.

    6. The programs should be administered by qualified personnel.

    7. Research, pilot projects, and continuing evaluation should be encouraged and, where feasible, built into programs.

    8. Programs may be closely related but should avoid unnecessary duplication,

    9. State and local governments should contribute to the extent their resources permit: at the same time, adequate federal funds for the establishment and continuation of programs should be available if necessary.

    Does your League approve or disapprove in part or in full of each of these Standards? Should any of them be changed or elaborated? Should there be additions to the list?

  2. Should the problems of depressed areas which cut across state lines be handled regionally? If so, what kinds of administrative arrangements could or should be established? What kinds of development programs should be established?

  3. Should the federal government provide advice and other forms of assistance to communities facing problems of integration in employment and education? If so, what kinds of help should be given?

  4. What means should the federal government have at its disposal to enforce nondiscrimination in education and employment?

  5. What conclusions has your League reached about the advisability and effectiveness or present federal programs to provide equality of opportunity for education and employment? Which kinds of programs do you support? oppose? Do you think additional and/or different programs are needed?

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