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Calendar of Events
Proposed Program for 1966-1967
Report of the Nominating Committee - Board of Directors
Statement of Position on Apportionment of State Legislature
Annual Meeting
Woman at Work - A Supplement
Local Agenda Committee
Attention All You League Members!
State League Offers...
National Agenda Units
LWV of Honolulu - Proposed Budget
One Minute Course in Telephone Soliciting

National Agenda Units

Enclosed with this issue of the Aloha Voter is a copy of "The UN and ICY, a Pocket Reference." We ask that you read it carefully, as a foundation for the information that will be added to it by the enclosure in the April Aloha Voter. The April enclosure will be a summary of the UN activities up to the time the Voter goes to press. The Units on UN have been set for May, and we do want you to be all set for an active part in the discussion.

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