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Aloha to Our New Members

Space limitations in the January and February issues of the Aloha Voter prevented the acknowledgment new members, so we'll catch up this month,

Mrs. Wayne Ball (Marvel) 157 Alala Road Kailua

Mrs. Betsy Christian Suite 214, 1650 Kanunu St, Honolulu

Mrs. Byron Davis (Irene) 308 Iliaina Street Kailua

Mrs. David Hambleton (Mary) 45-316 Mealele Street Kaneohe

Mrs. James Kennedy (Marjorie) 227 Alala Road Kailua

Mrs. Geoffrey Podmore P. O. Box 3466 Honolulu

Mrs. Colin Ramage (Mary) 4959 Mana Place, Honolulu

Mrs. Herbert Talbott (Helen) 2145 Kuhio Avenue, Apt. K Honolulu

Welcome to all eight of you, and to those of you who should have been introduced in the January and February issues, you weren't being ignored - just bumped! Sorry about that!

MEMBERSHIP AND/OR CONTRIBUTIONS BLANK Please detach this and mail with your check to:


P. O. Box 1411, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96806

DUES ($5.00)



The League is grateful for any contribution in excess of dues, since contributions are needed to broaden the base of League's effectiveness in

the community.

Miss Mrs. (last name) (husband's first) (your first)

Address Phone Date

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