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A Fable?

The Vineyard Freeway is finished, and five hundred more cars can now speed into Honolulu. Speed limit is 55 miles an hour, Isn't that wonderful?

Oh, yeah?

For the first few miles - 55 miles per hour, Next mile - 35 miles per hour. Next half mile - 15mph, and then you sit unmoving (but not unmoved) for 20 minutes. Why this traffic jam?

Not enough parking space! So a bunch of business buildings are knocked down to make parking lots. But somehow, that doesn't help - there are still traffic jams. So we build more freeways; push a tunnel through Diamond Head make Ala Moana Boulevard and Kalakaua Avenue straight-a-ways with no access; and build a bridge across Pearl Harbor.

Wheeeeee! Soon we need more parking places. So we knock down the Ala Moaner Center (or build a 20 story high parking lot). Now we have enough parking spaces at last!


By the time this is completed, we need more freeway, then more parking space, until this island is all freeways and parking places, When the last freeway and parking space has been completed, we are all inconvenience irritated and frustrated enough to refuse to drive downtown, either to work or shop, So we sell our cars and stay home!

Let's hope that long before that time comes we blind humans will see that we have good economical mass transportation!

Gladys Gabert
LWV Representative on Oahu Transportation Council

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